Character sakura
Sakura Hagiwara (萩原 さくら Hagiwara Sakura) is the main character who is a member of the idol group Sweet Diva.


Sakura has brown eyes and waist length black hair. She has a curvaceous body with very large buubz. Her skin is fair and her wrestling gear consists of a white and red one piece, with matching boots and sleeves. Sakura is also seen wearing the classic Berserk gear (a red and white tracksuit).

Personality Edit

Sakura is shown to be very determined and confident despite her somewhat shy characteristics, such as when Rio instigated the spat between her and Elena in Episode 1. Sakura stood up for her friend and decided she would train and take Rio on to prove that idols really can wrestle. From this, it is shown that Sakura holds grudges, and this is what Rio states in Episode 6, when defeated by Sakura, by calling it a "petty grudge".

Synopsis Edit

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