An Idol-Wrestler Born! (アイドルレスラー誕生! Aidori Resurā Tanjō!?) is the first episode of Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! Anime Series. This episode revolves around the background of Sweet Diva, and "the beginning of everything".


Sakura Hagiwara was voted center vocalist of Sweet Diva for the fourth time, while Elena Miyazawa gets second place in the vote. Makoto Kirishima, Sweet diva manager, was given a TV gig request. The request was for a Sweet Diva member to learn some pro wrestling moves. Sakura and Elena took the job and went to the Berserk gym. Elena played around in the ring and a heated conversation with a pro wrestler, Rio Kazama, leads to a full-body confrontation. Elena give some licks, but is injured. Sakura challenges Rio because of the latter's mocks about idols. Sakura goes through some training for the match. During the match, Sakura get a few weak hits in before Rio show "The thing about pro wrestling moves". Sakura loses the fight and gets a haircut, but vows to return to the ring again as a pro and defeat her new rival, Rio Kazama.

Character AppearancesEdit

Sakura Hagiwara

Elena Miyazawa

Nanami Kanno

Yuuho Mochizuki

Aika Hayase

Misaki Toyoda

Kanae Fujishita


Makoto Kirishima

Rio Kazama

Seiichi Inoba


Major Events Edit

  • Sakura is voted center vocalist for Sweet Diva.
  • Sakura vs Rio: Sakura first ever wrestling match.

Animation Trivia Edit


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